Latest Appraisals

ID Format Location Sell Value Buy Value
4kj listing jita 2.09 Billion ISK 1.91 Billion ISK
4ki listing jita 221.21 Million ISK 215.52 Million ISK
4kh listing jita 3.64 Billion ISK 2.92 Billion ISK
4kg listing jita 1.49 Billion ISK 1.35 Billion ISK
4kf listing jita 613.62 Million ISK 379.22 Million ISK
4ke listing jita 55.32 Million ISK 51.47 Million ISK
4kd listing jita 28.95 Million ISK 15.79 Million ISK
4kc listing jita 401.59 Thousand ISK 168.67 Thousand ISK
4kb listing jita 2.74 Million ISK 2.5 Million ISK
4ka listing jita 70.73 Million ISK 58.26 Million ISK
4k9 heuristic jita 0 ISK 0 ISK
4k8 contract jita 945.46 Million ISK 892.39 Million ISK
4k7 assets jita 9.14 Billion ISK 7.64 Billion ISK
4k6 listing jita 514.5 Million ISK 496.25 Million ISK
4k5 listing jita 2.22 Billion ISK 1.93 Billion ISK
4k4 listing jita 445.38 Million ISK 398.97 Million ISK
4k3 listing jita 1.41 Billion ISK 1.17 Billion ISK
4k2 assets jita 22.53 Billion ISK 19.33 Billion ISK
4k1 heuristic jita 2.8 Thousand ISK 1.9 Thousand ISK
4k0 cargo_scan jita 89.22 Billion ISK 75.04 Billion ISK

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